Meet new friends - deepen faith - encounter christ

At the invitation of Bishop Mark, our parish is beginning ARISE Together in Christ, a process of spiritual renewal presented by RENEW International. All parishioners are welcome to join. 

What is ARISE Together in Christ

ARISE is a three year parish centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization. The ARISE process is one of the most recent among those that RENEW International offers.

How will ARISE Together in Christ help this parish? 

ARISE enables people to: deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community and reach out in service to others.

Why are all parishes in our diocese asked to participate in ARISE Together in Christ? 

Bishop Mark has invited all Catholics of our diocese to come together to form a renewed community of faith, to welcome back those who may have been distanced from the Church and to spread the good News through active commitment to charity and justice.



The key reasons for signing up to participate in the ARISE Together in Christ process are:

· To know God better

· To grow spiritually

· To meet new people

· To talk about God

· To improve ourselves

· To put faith into action

· To change the way we see the world

· To improve relationships

· To experience different prayer styles 

· To be rejuvenated